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Wintex MCL3

Deep Sampling Probe

­­­­­­The WINTEX MCL3 is a powerful, efficient, and reliable soil sampler for fast and efficient soil sampling up to 2 m (a 1.2 m model is also available). It is user-friendly and requires only minimal maintenance. All functions are easily carried out with the controls on the back.

Compared to manual soil sampling, the number of soil samples and the acreage covered increase significantly without hiring extra help. Time and costs savings, and the physical strain is reduced to a minimum.

The total depth of the sample can be anywhere from zero to two meters deep, as required by the situation.

The WINTEX MCL3 works in any type of soil also in clay, sandy or really hard soil. The soil samples are taken by a core probe with a specially designed head, and not with an auger. This ensures a completely homogeneous sample. A core sample is used for consistency, accuracy and repeatability.

The Wintex MCL3 has its own hydraulic system and can be mounted on most vehicles, including John Deere Gators, trailers, and pickup trucks.

The Wintex MCL3T is a lighter, more economical version of the MCL3 that is designed for mounting on tractors. Rather than using its own hydraulic system, it needs to be connected to the tractor’s hydraulic system. Performance-wise though, it works the same as the MCL3.

Probe Sampling Method

  • By using a hydraulic hammer with a specially designed tip, the Wintex probe delivers a homogeneous sample—a true picture of your soil’s health, inch by inch. Auger probes, on the other hand, take the majority of their samples from only the soil’s top layer.

Hydraulic Hammer

  • The addition of a hydraulic hammer allows you to sample even the toughest soils—from gravely hillsides to frozen ground in early spring. A special valve automatically applies the maximum speed based on the type of soil, so it is not necessary to manually set the speed.

Deep Core Sampling for all Soil Types

  • The probe is designed for a consistent core sample to analyze soil-structure. This sampler allows you to extract each depth of a sample manually  to the desired depth you need every time.

Independently Powered System

  • Install or uninstall this Honda-powered system on nearly any vehicle in under an hour when you need the ultimate portable and flexible sampling system.

Whole Cores

  • A separately available custom-made probe is available with an integrated plastic liner that makes it possible to extract a whole core of soil, from the top to the bottom of the 2 m sample.
Make: Wintex
Model: MCL3
Probe Type: Core Probe
Sampling Action: Hyd. Hammer
Sample Depth: up to 200 cm (79"), 1 sample
Diameter Probe: 35mm or custom
Net Weight: 420 kg (MCL3), 290 kg (MCL3T)
Hydraulic System: Honda GX390, 11 hp
Hydraulic Consumption: 20 l/min, 120 bar
Hydraulic Tank: 30 litres
Samples/hour: 4
Sticks/hour: 60
Sticks/sample: 10-16
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