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Wintex 1000

Built For Speed
  • Wintex 1000
  • Wintex 1000

Since 1999 the WINTEX 1000 is our most-sold automatic soil sampler for soil samples up to the depth of 25 cm. Ease of use, consistency and sampling speed is highly appreciated by our customers.

Up to 300 core samples and 20 soil samples per hour make soil sampling fast and efficient. The number of soil samples and the acreage covered increase significantly compared to soil sampling by hand. There is no need for hiring extra help and physical strain is minimized.

The WINTEX 1000 is developed for sampling the top layers of the soil to measure the content of micro nutrients. The depth can be adjusted infinitely from 0-25 cm. Using a soil sampler probe and not an auger ensures a completely homogenous sample. If a sample is taken with an auger, you will always take more material from the top layers than from the lower layers of the soil.

The specially developed soil probe carries 300-450 g of soil. The preferred quantity to be used at the laboratories for analysis. The soil sample is automatically dropped into a soil box from which it can be filled into boxes or bags ready to be sent to the laboratory. For higher efficiency the WINTEX 1000 is equipped with three settings to adapt to different soil samples.

The WINTEX 1000 is reliable and user-friendly. All operations are easily carried out from the driver’s seat. The soil sampler only needs minimum maintenance, and the probe is easily replaced.

If the WINTEX 1000 is used in combination with a GPS positioning system, the soil samples will be geographically registered and can later on be used for variable rate lime and fertilizer maps.

The WINTEX 1000 can be mounted on almost every vehicle and it is easily installed with quick couplings.

Probe Sampling Method

  • The Wintex probe delivers a homogenous sample—a true picture of your soil’s health, inch by inch. Auger probes, on the other hand, take the majority of their samples from only the soil’s top layer. The specially developed Wintex probe collects approximately 1 lb. of soil with 12-15 cores at a sampling depth of 6", which is the preferred quantity of soil by laboratories.

Electronic Depth Control

  • Electronic Depth Control (EDC) allows the operator to infinitely adjust the depth of the probe by simply adjusting a sensor, which ensures a consistent sampling depth during every cycle.

Single Sample Holding Box

  • Each probe sample automatically deposits into the holding box. Easily transfer your core samples to soil lab bags once you’ve gathered your desired number of probes.

All Soil Types

  • A specially designed ejector tip completely cleans out the probe after each cycle, allowing you to take accurate samples in all types of soil-even extremely dry, freshly tilled, or wet soils.

GPS Enabled

  • The Wintex 1000 integrates with your GPS unit to automatically geo-reference all of your samples, making repeatable, year-to-year sampling seamless and simple. Also use the data to create precise fertility and fertilizer prescription maps to increase productivity in your fields.

Optional Can bus Control System

  • The CAN bus command controller providing complete user-friendly control during all stages of the Wintex operation cycle.The user interface screen provides real-time monitoring feedback with fingertip control.

Optional Independently Power System

  • Install or uninstall this Honda-powered system on nearly any vehicle in under an hour when you need the ultimate portable and flexible sampling system.

Optional Integrated Hydraulics

  • Enjoy less maintenance, more rack space, and quieter operation with integrated hydraulics. With this option, the hydraulic pump is powered directly by your ATV’s engine.


Randy - Accurate Agri Service
Since purchasing the Wintex1000 soil sampler this spring, it has made soil sampling much easier, efficient and more accurate. This year alone we have completed over 18,000 acres in sampling. The WINTEX 1000 is reliable and extremely user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. All operations are easily carried out from the driver’s seat.  I am very pleased with this new product

Cavalier Agrow
Our first Wintex 1000 soil probe was bought 4 years ago and this season it hit over 82000 holes on the counter. This unit is mounted inside a truck and work flawlessly. We pull the unit apart this year to see what parts we will have to replace to prevent down time. But we found that none of the wear plates needed to be replaced. The unit was still in perfect condition.

Dustin Mulock
"The Wintex soil sampler is a perfect fit for my John Deere Gator. It's capacity for soil samples per hour has allowed me to cut my sampling time in half. This system has enabled me to start site specific sampling while remaining cost-effective and improving my crops yields."

Pierre Pagé, GISP
I recently talked with Felix and I told him how satisfy we are with the two Wintex 1000 we bought from Ag Business and Crop last year. We are looking for a high level of consistency in the depth of the soil sampling because this is key to deliver reliable soil tests analysis. We really can achieve this with our Wintex 1000. Furthermore, we can take so many more samples every day, which make our teams much more efficient.

Make: Wintex
Model: 1000
Probe Type: Core Probe
Sampling Action: Rotating down
Sample Depth: up to 10 inch, 1 sample
Diameter Probe: 18 mm and 21 mm
Volume/sample: 18 mm probe: 1.4 g/cm, 21 mm probe: 2.2 g/cm at a density 1:1
Net Weight: 48.5 kg
Hydraulic System: Honda GX160, 4.8hp
Hydraulic Consumption: 7.5L/min, 75-100 bar
Hydraulic Tank: 3 litres
Electrical Power: 12 V DC
Battery Capacity: 14 Ah, 250 W
Samples/hour: 20
Sticks/hour: 300
Sticks/sample: 14-16
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