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Short Videos on the Wintex Maintenance

Daily check

Wintex 1000s/2000/3000
Less than 5 min daily.

Can Monitor Display Wintex 1000

CAN bus system display

Service Hydraulic System

Spring service:
Change filter and oil on the Honda hydraulic system.

Change Probe

Wintex 1000

Change probe and make adjustments.
make sure to clean probe thread.

Our Service and Support Options:

Support App

A support phone app is coming soon. Please visit later for updates.

Manuals and Video How-To

Besides the newest manuals for download, we have videos on “how to” and checklists with tips and tricks. Our newsletter updates you on timely reminders and information. See above Maintenance and below YouToube Manuel.

WhatsApp and Email Support

Besides email support, we use WhatsApp Support (519-291-7000) to be able to visual answer question. It allows faster support as we can better see what you experience and show how to resolve the issue you have.

RMA (Inspection Request)

Before shipping: download and save the PDF to your computer and insert the required information. Please send the completed document to and include a copy with item sent.


YouTube Manual

A link to the YouTube maintenance channel with short videos on “how to”.


The most recent manual.

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