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Ag Business & Crop is delighted to take part as an exhibitor at the 2019 AgSmart expo in Olds, Alberta.

Offering the tools and training you need for modern farming, Ag Business & Crop helps producers to maximize their success and excel using the latest technology and methods for 21st century agriculture.

Ag Business & Crop is your Canadian distributor for Wintex Automatic Soil Samplers, Wintex Liquid Storage Covers (eg: manure tanks), & senseFly/Parrot’s professional fixed wing and rotary drones/UAV’s, and drone / RPAS flight training specialist. Our goal is to help agronomists and farmers collect accurate, high quality data right the first time, simply and with greater efficiency, allowing you to spend more time making decisions and implementing changes. We know agriculture, focus on practical ag solutions and are customer-centric.

Find Us At AgSmart 2019

Visit us at booth 124 near the main [...]

Finding The Right Tool For The Right Application

Parrot Bluegrass flying over a fieldIn spite of a lengthy planting window for 2019, it’s surprising how little time it’s taken for the crops to emerge and begin to close canopy. 

As your crops progress, it’s time to take stock of what’s really out there. Whether it’s checking for hard-to-control weeds, insect thresholds or disease symptoms, the best course of action for learning more about what’s in the crop is to get out of the truck and get into the fields. This is a good start but get the whole picture by having an ‘eye in the sky’ that helps see what isn’t obvious from the ground. 

The ‘eye in the sky’ is helpful as it  will help you scout the field to assess where to go and how large the area of concern is. Data can be [...]

The Time To Add Soil Sampling To Your List Of Duties Is Now

Wintex 3000Although we’re just at the start of summer, the days are already getting shorter, which means autumn is suddenly a lot closer than we think. Even if things are full-speed-ahead with the growing season, and time to sample is just weeks away.

If you already have an automated Wintex soil sampler unit, it is a good idea to get it out and get it ready.  Give us a call and we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Check engine oil and hydraulic oil for levels. Now is a good time to do a service including filters. Check all bolts and settings. Test-drive the equipment to make sure there is there are no oil leaks. We don’t recommend oiling the chains during the season since it can be a dust collector (do [...]

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