A Mid-Season Soil Sampling Reminder

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The Time To Add Soil Sampling To Your List Of Duties Is Now

Wintex 3000Although we’re just at the start of summer, the days are already getting shorter, which means autumn is suddenly a lot closer than we think. Even if things are full-speed-ahead with the growing season, and time to sample is just weeks away.

If you already have an automated Wintex soil sampler unit, it is a good idea to get it out and get it ready.  Give us a call and we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Check engine oil and hydraulic oil for levels. Now is a good time to do a service including filters. Check all bolts and settings. Test-drive the equipment to make sure there is there are no oil leaks. We don’t recommend oiling the chains during the season since it can be a dust collector (do it well before use or and before you put the unit in storage.

If you have lots to sample, make sure you have an extra wear parts, such as:

  • probe and ejector tips. 
  • O rings for the Wintex 1000S/2000/3000. 
  • We recommend having the Accumulator charge checked ones a year

Don’t have a Wintex:

Looking at soil sampling this fall?  Think about the automated Wintex soil sampler.  Speed up your soil sampling, ensure accuracy and consistency with your samples, and extend your sampling season.   

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Ag Business & Crop is booking demos now to show how the sampler can help you.   

Contact us at: sales@agbusiness.ca or support@agbusiness.ca    We are touring Western Canada the beginning of August so contact us asap so like to meet with you. 

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