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Closed Canopies; Open Skies

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Finding The Right Tool For The Right Application

Parrot Bluegrass flying over a fieldIn spite of a lengthy planting window for 2019, it’s surprising how little time it’s taken for the crops to emerge and begin to close canopy. 

As your crops progress, it’s time to take stock of what’s really out there. Whether it’s checking for hard-to-control weeds, insect thresholds or disease symptoms, the best course of action for learning more about what’s in the crop is to get out of the truck and get into the fields. This is a good start but get the whole picture by having an ‘eye in the sky’ that helps see what isn’t obvious from the ground. 

The ‘eye in the sky’ is helpful as it  will help you scout the field to assess where to go and how large the area of concern is. Data can be used immediately to develop an immediate solution right there, right now.

We have a range of tools to fit your purpose and your budget. Learning how to use flight to gather the information you need? Consider the Bluegrass quadcopter especially designed for agriculture. It comes with an integrated multi sensor sequoia camera right in the air frame, a cooling system and an easy to program control system. The software package is included for fast data output. A reasonable, accessible and manageable package to get you excellent information fast and in an affordable manner. 

For larger areas consider using a fixed wing.  There are several options with the eBee SQ which has in integrated camera and this is a great grower package solution. The eBee SQ agriculture drone captures actionable crop data across four multi-spectral bands, plus RGB imagery, spanning hundreds of acres in a single flight.

The eBee Plus survey drone is a large coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability, for survey-grade accuracy on demand. This also comes with extra camera options that will suit your agriculture needs. In irrigation you could use a thermal camera. More cameras more options. 

Our eBeeX has even more sensor options and a longer flight to cover large acreages.

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