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AgSmart Expo 2019 Exhibitor

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Ag Business & Crop is delighted to take part as an exhibitor at the 2019 AgSmart expo in Olds, Alberta.

Offering the tools and training you need for modern farming, Ag Business & Crop helps producers to maximize their success and excel using the latest technology and methods for 21st century agriculture.

Ag Business & Crop is your Canadian distributor for Wintex Automatic Soil Samplers, Wintex Liquid Storage Covers (eg: manure tanks), & senseFly/Parrot’s professional fixed wing and rotary drones/UAV’s, and drone / RPAS flight training specialist. Our goal is to help agronomists and farmers collect accurate, high quality data right the first time, simply and with greater efficiency, allowing you to spend more time making decisions and implementing changes. We know agriculture, focus on practical ag solutions and are customer-centric.

Find Us At AgSmart 2019

Visit us at booth 124 near the main entrance, and learn about our array of precision agriculture products, including:

  • Wintex 1000 & 2000 soil samplers
  • eBee SQ UAV
  • eBee X UAV
  • Parrot Bluegrass
  • JT liquid storage cover

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AgSmart 2019: Growing Profits With Data

Olds College and Agri-Trade have partnered to produce a must-see new agriculture event, AgSmart. Taking place August 13 and 14, 2019 at Olds College, AgSmart isn’t just a trade show, it’s a hands-on demonstration and education exposition focused on technology and data across the agriculture sector – how to gather it, and how to use it to enhance productivity and profits.

During this two-day event, farmers will have an opportunity to interact with cutting-edge high-tech ag players and experience the latest innovations first-hand. The show will feature education workshops, in-field demonstrations and an exhibit fair profiling some of the latest commercialized products that are transforming the Ag industry here in Alberta and throughout the globe.

Learn More

Visit the link below for more info about the AgSmart 2019.

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If you would like to know more about Ag Business & Crop’s products, services or participation at the AgSmart 2019, contact us today.

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