Has Soybean Cyst Nematode Got Your Number?

Soil Sampling GatorSoybean cyst nematode (SCN) is the number one pest of soybeans in Ontario and Quebec, causing significant yield loss, often without growers’ awareness of the problem until populations becoming endemic in a field.

Current surveys show SCN has not reached Manitoba but is present just across the border in North Dakota. Where soybeans go, so does SCN.

Yield losses often occur often before symptoms are visible in the field. Symptoms can be easily misdiagnosed for something else, like root rot, compaction, or lack of nutrients. Sometimes, by the time SCN is discovered to be the problem, populations are high enough to cripple yields.

Growers need to be proactive to identify and manage SCN while populations are low. Fall is the perfect time to scout for SCN by testing your fields soil for population numbers, ideally at the same time as collecting soil samples for [...]

Think about this scenario for a moment:

A new client calls wanting to know how soon you might be able to grid soil sample 4,000 acres.

How accurately can you answer that?

You or your staff may already be maxed out with helping clients, but there are 7 good reasons why you may want to place more priority on your soil sampling business:

  • Opportunity to expand precision ag consulting side of the business
  • Another point of contact to build your relationship and understanding of client needs
  • Repeat business opportunity through regular testing of client’s fields
  • Increased confidence in soil test results by doing your own sampling rather than by a 3rd party
  • More control over tailoring sample collection to  production recommendations for each client
  • Gain deeper knowledge of fields while sampling: topography, problem areas, surface texture, perennial weed patches (eg Canada thistle, [...]

Clubroot is the most devastating soil-borne disease of canola because it is hard to detect until serious losses occur, is impossible to eradicate, and can last 10-20 years in a field.

The disease continues its march across western provinces, and more recently has been found in Ontario (Field Crop News).

In addition to field scouting, soil testing in the fall is the best way to help manage. It can serve two objectives; detect the presence of clubroot in a field, and quantify the level of spores throughout a field. Soil testing will allow growers to be proactive in developing a sanitation plan to control the spread of spores by equipment.

For more information, consult How to Test Soils for Clubroot pathogen (Canola Watch).

Exhibitor At The 21st Edition Of Expo-Champs

August 27th-29th, 2019

124, rang Charlotte
Saint-Liboire, QC
Exits 147 & 145 of Highway 20

Ag Business & Crop is pleased to take part in this year’s Expo-Champs in Saint-Liboire as an exhibitor.

Offering the tools and training you need for modern farming, Ag Business & Crop helps producers maximize their success by using the latest technology and methods of precision agriculture.

Visit us at booth C-047 on Rue Entreprises LeBlanc, and learn about our array of precision agriculture products, including:

  • Wintex Soil Samplers
  • Parrot Bluegrass & Bebop Drones
  • SenseFly eBee SQ & eBee Plus Drones
  • MicaSense RedEdge Camera
  • AgiSoft Software
  • Ag Business & Crop Liquid Storage Cover
  • Spectrum Products

See the map below for location [...]

Exposant à la 21e édition d’Expo-Champs 27 au 29 août 2019

124, rang Charlotte
Saint-Liboire, QC
Sorties 147 et 145 de l’autoroute 20

Ag Business & Crop est heureux de participer à l’Expo-Champs de cette année à Saint-Liboire en tant qu’exposant.

Offrant les outils et la formation dont vous avez besoin pour l’agriculture moderne, Ag Business & Crop aide les producteurs à maximiser leur succès et à exceller en utilisant les dernières technologies et méthodes pour l’agriculture du 21ème siècle.

Visitez-nous au stand C-047, situé sur rue Entreprises LeBlanc, et découvrez notre gamme de produits agricoles de précision, y compris:

  • Wintex samplers de sol
  • les drones agricole Parrot Bluegrass et Bebop
  • les drones agricole SenseFly eBee SQ et eBee Plus
  • caméra RedEdge MicaSense
  • logiciel AgiSoft
  • couverture de [...]

Wintex 3000 Soil

Today’s business minded grower and agronomist knows that a small investment in accurate soil sampling pays huge dividends.

It’s easy for soil sampling to get pushed down the list of things to do. Soil sampling right after harvest is recommended and has many advantages:

  • Soil testing prior to fall tillage will result in more consistent sample core, for testing phosphorus, potash, zinc, % organic matter, pH and other nutrients tested in 0-6” topsoil
  • In dry land regions like the Prairie provinces, research has shown that soil nitrate levels changes little in fall so no sampling date adjustment is needed
  • Regrowth won’t hide available nitrogen available for next year’s crop
  • Fertilizer buy cost savings. Give more time for making next season’s fertilizer purchase decisions often when suppliers often pre-purchase options and incentives when prices are often lower, keeping more money in your pocket
  • [...]
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