Leverage Your Soil Sample Business to Gain More Sales

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Think about this scenario for a moment:

A new client calls wanting to know how soon you might be able to grid soil sample 4,000 acres.

How accurately can you answer that?

You or your staff may already be maxed out with helping clients, but there are 7 good reasons why you may want to place more priority on your soil sampling business:

  • Opportunity to expand precision ag consulting side of the business
  • Another point of contact to build your relationship and understanding of client needs
  • Repeat business opportunity through regular testing of client’s fields
  • Increased confidence in soil test results by doing your own sampling rather than by a 3rd party
  • More control over tailoring sample collection to  production recommendations for each client
  • Gain deeper knowledge of fields while sampling: topography, problem areas, surface texture, perennial weed patches (eg Canada thistle, nutsedge, winter annuals) 
  • Offer other testing services like SCN, Soil health testing, N benchmarking, clubroot soil testing

Let us help you expand your soil sampling business with a Wintex Soil Sampler, the choice of professionals, who demand accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

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