When Combines Roll – Let The Sampling Begin

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Wintex 3000 Soil

Today’s business minded grower and agronomist knows that a small investment in accurate soil sampling pays huge dividends.

It’s easy for soil sampling to get pushed down the list of things to do. Soil sampling right after harvest is recommended and has many advantages:

  • Soil testing prior to fall tillage will result in more consistent sample core, for testing phosphorus, potash, zinc, % organic matter, pH and other nutrients tested in 0-6” topsoil
  • In dry land regions like the Prairie provinces, research has shown that soil nitrate levels changes little in fall so no sampling date adjustment is needed
  • Regrowth won’t hide available nitrogen available for next year’s crop
  • Fertilizer buy cost savings. Give more time for making next season’s fertilizer purchase decisions often when suppliers often pre-purchase options and incentives when prices are often lower, keeping more money in your pocket
  • Spread out the workload, cover more acres when time allows
  • Better soil conditions than in late fall or spring when wet weather can make it difficult to collect a proper sample
  • Sample problem/low yield areas while still fresh in your memory.

What are you waiting for?

Let our team walk you through how to get the best sample and get more done with a Wintex sampler

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