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Winter spreading can be beneficial for farmers, providing time for application on cropland and reducing the risk of soil compaction by heavy equipment. However, winter application is discouraged & under increased public scrutiny and carries an increased risk of polluting groundwater or surface water.  The biggest risk is when spread on snow-covered or frozen fields and within 72 hours of a significant rainfall or snowmelt event.
Follow this 6-point winter manure management strategy:

  1. Provincial regulations restrict/limit the spreading of manure during winter months. In Alberta for instance, spreading on frozen or snow-covered ground is prohibited (AOPA) unless special permission is received.  In Manitoba restrictions on the application of nutrients came into effect on November 10th.
  2. Which fields could benefit most from nutrients in manure? Often it becomes easiest to apply manure to fields closest to manure storage, but farmers should seek to optimize return to the value of [...]
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