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When Spring Is Sprung

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Keeping an eye in the sky during all stages of spring can help with your decision-making processes.

Using a drone, you can inspect your winter crops as well as pre-annual vegetation, and check for plant densities. Such digital and high-resolution imaging provides in-depth information throughout the growing season, from early nitrogen applications that promote tillering in winter wheat to later-season use that helps protect the crop from weed pressure or diseases.

Wintex Soil Samplers

Putting the Wintex system to work for you is another sign of spring, and it’s worth checking all aspects of your unit before heading out to the fields.

  • Check the oil and start the engine (determine if servicing is needed on its Honda motor)
  • Check for any leaks.
  • Test samplers for any loose wiring or other visual damage
  • Check the range of movement
  • The vehicle battery should be charged and in good working condition
  • Test the sampler itself
  • Order parts now and save on shipping.

We Can Help

And don’t hesitate to call now, before the season gets into full swing, if you need support. We are currently working on support videos and will upload them to our website.

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