Train with Ag Business & Avoid Drone Operator Lawsuits

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Ag Business & Crop offers a 4 day training program that is structured to give you the tools and information needed to operate a small UAV/UAS.Using “Transport Canada Staff Instructions” and the proposed “Small UAV Definitions & Best Practices Guide” as the basis for our training. The focus of the training is outlining government requirements for safe operation of UAVs on the ground and in the sky. Drone operation comes with risk, with our 4 day training you can fly your drone with confidence, with knowledge of government rules and regulations.

Drone operators risk lawsuits, criminal charges for privacy breaches: OIAA speaker

The new tort of intrusion upon seclusion is “a big deal for drone operators,” and experts on operating drones will be “key to helping a court” determine the standard of care in negligence lawsuits, a lawyer suggested at a recent conference.

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