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Message on Soil Sampling

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Getting the message out on Soil Sampling

How is it that with the rapid adoption of new technologies on the farm for tracking everything and everyone, and sophisticated smart data collection, that soil testing, one of the most fundamental principles of good agronomy is still lagging in adoption in some farming areas?  Farmers know that it is something that should be done regularly, but too often gets pushed down the to-do list. Great advancements in testing tools (eg. Wintex, electric conductivity) and lab testing methodologies have made it easier, more precise and with more detailed information.  This blog came to mind when, not for the first time a farmer recently asked me about getting a soil health test, even though they could not remember the last time they had a soil tested for nutrients. Gosh!; have I/we really done that poor a job in communicating the benefits. Soil sampling is  more than just collecting samples for nutrient analysis. Let’s remind growers of the many other benefits of having their agronomist complete soil sampling.  In the fall, many agronomists are already thinking about crop plans for the next season by identifying & sampling low yielding area, problem weed patches,etc. This becomes a great conversation starter for engaging with farmers when crop planning for next season. Now is good time to remind growers its still not to late fall & the best opportunity to sample #canola fields for #clubroot: and #soybean fields for #SCN:
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