Ag Business & Crop Inc. Offers Products For The Digital-Age Farmer

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President of Palmerston’s Ag Business & Crop Inc. Felix Weber has never been satisfied with the amount of information at his disposal.Since starting to farm in 1986, he has always worked hard to grow his business. Then, when he became a consultant, he was always looking for other tools to get more data about farmers’ fields so they could manage them more economically.

Around 2008, he was considering using satellite imagery to gather information about fields, but found it didn’t quite live up to his expectations. “For Ontario fields with the cloud cover and so on, the satellite imagery didn’t work,” he said, adding that sometimes he would be provided images that showed the field at the wrong time of year. “They have more satellites now, but you still don’t have control over that. It wasn’t the right tool for me.”

So he kept looking, and that’s when he found unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. “Most of them you’ve got to do the manual, RC controls,” he said. “I’m not an RC controller. It had to be simple and easy and user friendly to work with.”

That’s what drew him to the UAVs created by the Swiss company senseFly. Today, Ag Business & Crop Inc. is the sole national dealer in Canada for senseFly’s agricultural drones.

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