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Digging Deep On Soil Sampling

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When it comes to soil sampling, there are many approaches, opinions and recommendations.

Review the above video on procedures, then consider the following:

  • How consistent are the samples that are being taken? The gentleman in the video is talking about consistency, but it’s very important that the samples are taken at a consistent depth.
  • He is also talking about sampling on worked ground, which is an important distinction.
  • The woman in the video is using her phone for GPS locating, and is a good starting point.
  • Are you concerned about the sample depth? The gentleman is talking about it but is the advice being taken?
  • The Wintex system has an ejector finger in the automatic sampler and makes it possible to sample in tough conditions. Too much moisture can also impact sampling and the use of lubrication (like WD-40) from time to time can help.
  • Some Frozen ground is almost always easier to sample than wet soil.

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