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Canon G9X vs Sony WX CAMERA

senseFly collected the images from both the Sony WX camera that comes standard with the eBee and the new Canon G9X.

The Canon G9X was flown at 120 m altitude to achieve 2.8 cm/pixel resolution. The Sony WX was flown at 99 m (324 ft) to achieve same 2.8 cm/pixel resolution. Images were taken at different times, so brightness of images is slightly different. However, I think these images very nicely show the difference in resolution. Because the images were captured on different flights, the image area don’t match exactly. To make the comparison, I took 3 images and zoomed in the same area. For many applications, the Sony WX captures a nice data set. Where greater resolution and detail are needed then opt for the Canon G9X (or S.O.D.A) with its 20 mp resolution and large 1 inch sensor for crisp, sharper images that captures finer detail. Note that the G9X has a slightly narrower field of view which could result in slightly greater number of flight passes when covering large areas.

Image 1:

Canon G9X– collects both JPEG and CR2(raw) image format and has full manual control. Resolution at 400 ft. is 2.8 CM/PIXEL




Sony WX– captures JPEG image format, with limited manual override settings. Resolution at 400 ft. is 2.8 CM/PIXEL. If you look carefully you will notice the image is not as sharp. On the white power box in the centre it is difficult to make out the 6 ‘black dots’ compared to the G9X. The photo shows more pixilation (graininess), and edges of structures is not as clearly defined.




Image 2

Canon G9X-2.8 CM/PIXEL @ 400 ft. altitude. The Tower is more discernable and variations in the vegetation
shows better definition of difference in ground cover.




Sony WX 2.8 CM/PIXEL. Vegetation appears to cover ground more uniformity due to blending of pixels




Image 3

This image is a little blurry because I zoomed in on the photo purposely to push it to the limits and
show the difference between the two cameras
Canon G9X


Sony WX


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