Ag Business & Crop’s Felix Weber Named First Recipient Of Precision Ag Builders Award

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2019 London AwardAg Business & Crop Inc. is pleased to announce that Felix Weber, President of Ag Business & Crop Inc. is the first recipient of the Precision Ag Builders Award from the Precision Ag Conference 2019.

The Builders Award is in recognition of those that are early cutting-edge entrepreneurs that embrace innovations that enhance the agricultural sector. This conference began 5 years ago in response to the growth occurring in the Precision Agriculture sector spurred by dramatic technological advances, and industry innovation. This year the 2019 Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase expanded to move to the London Convention Centre welcoming more than 450 attendees and expanding the tradeshow. The growth of this conference has increased networking opportunities for agri-businesses, farm retailers and farmers interested in how precision agriculture will impact their bottom line and productivity on their farm. 

“I am grateful for the recognition of and the Precision Ag Conference with this award.  It is through the team work of valued collaborators such as Steve Redmond from Redmond Agronomic Services that we can continue to bring innovative products and services to the Agricultural sector in Ontario and across Canada. I am truly humbled by this recognition from my peers”.
– Felix Weber

President and founder of Ag Business & Crop Inc./UKKO since 2005, Felix has been involved with GIS and Geomatics in Agriculture and other industries for years. Initially as a consultant he was an early adopter of new technologies and while researching for effective ways to monitor crops using aerial imagery Felix became the distributor for senseFly products now one of the top drone manufacturers in the world. Felix works with clients across the country in agricultural and commercial enterprises that use precision agriculture tools and drones. As well as ABC has been involved with educational institutions assisting with various research projects. Along with the Wintex automated Soil Sampler ABC works to help their clients maximize their potential.   

Felix is the first internationally trained Agrologist to achieve the Technical Agrologist designation from the Ontario Institute of Agrology. As well, several years ago Felix and Ag Business & Crop Inc. were recognized in the Globe and Mail Small Business Challenge as one of the ten top regional winners across Canada. He has won several other business awards as well as been recognized by representatives from both the provincial and federal governments for his expertise in the agricultural sector.

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